introduction to The Charity

The Foyer was launched in 1995 with a clear charitable mission and a vision to provide

  • a safe place to stay for young people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • enable people to move towards and into work
  • improve access to health services and promote healthy lifestyles
  • and to be enterprising; develop and operate businesses to support our work.

23 years on we remain aligned to that founding vision but in recent years we have also sought to broaden our reach, to move ‘up stream’, to work with younger people to prevent crisis in later years and also work with older people, particularly in moving into employment and in supporting recovery.

At the heart of the Foyer we believe that enabling people who can to move towards and into work actively supports a positive contribution to their own well being and the well being of their families and communities.


Foyer 20

2015 marked the Foyer’s 20th anniversary of supporting people in the North East of Scotland towards independent living, learning and work.  

It was young people who faced multiple issues resulting in homelessness that prompted the formation of Aberdeen...

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Our Vision and Purpose

The Foyer works to reduce poverty and disadvantage, supporting young people and adults who face multiple barriers to build confidence, develop and nurture talent to make real and lasting changes in their lives.

We achieve this by:


Our Values

Our values are about how we behave as an organisation, they are the foundation on which we operate and develop and a measure of how we should be judged.

We are



We are a strong partner organisation reflecting this in our organisational values and behaviours.  The Foyer was founded as a partnership between various public and voluntary sector interests who had a shared concern to tackle youth homelessness and...

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The Board

As a social business it is vital we have sound and robust governance. Many of our Board members come from an active business day job within various industry sectors. All are volunteers so it is hopefully not a...

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Our Impact

The Foyer has a positive impact on society working locally to support and strengthen our communities.  In Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire people have improved education, health, skills and quality of life.  The Foyer has enabled people to work...

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Privacy Notice

foyerlogoonscreenuse1 IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND WHO WE ARE What is the purpose of this document?  Aberdeen Foyer wants you to feel assured that we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. This notice describes how and why Aberdeen Foyer...

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