The Board

Foyer Board 

As a social business, it is vital we have sound and robust governance. Many of our Board members come from an active business day job within various industry sectors. All are volunteers so it is hopefully not a big ask of busy people as it brings much welcomed commercial and business acumen to help ensure a sound and sustainable organisation. Their involvement is a way of giving back, providing some community benefit and helping others in a way their day jobs do not necessarily afford. 

As a registered company and charity the Foyer operates with a Board who are the Company's Directors and Trustees of the Charity.

All Board members are 'non-executive' with the day to day running of the organisation delegated to the Chief Executive. The Board comprises up to 12 members, who will normally serve for 2 terms of 3 years, sometimes more. Members are drawn from different walks of life and bring varied skills, experience and interests to support the organisation fulfil its purpose and aims.  Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils nominate 2 observers to the Foyer Board. 

The full Board normally meets 6 times a year but also delegates aspects of its work to the Board's Service Review Committee. Additionally the Board has established a formal Staff Consultative Committee through which there can be an ongoing dialogue with representatives of staff from across the organisation. The Board's Committees normally meet 6 times a year. 

Current Board Members

Susan Elston – Chairman               Alastair Mutch - Vice Chairman              

Lesley Weir                                     Ken Russell

Kirsty Saluja                                    Colin Menzies

Sheila Sansbury

Aberdeen City Council Observers - Cllr Sarah Duncan, Cllr David Cameron

Aberdeenshire Council Observers - Cllr Anne Simpson, Cllr Alastair Forsyth

Ken Milroy – Chief Executive + Company Secretary