Foyer Music

Foyer Music provides a wide range of opportunities for people interested in music. It is open to people of all ages. So if you are a complete beginner or an established musician give us a call to see what is on offer for you. 

Foyer Music provides

A fully fitted professional sound recording studio with (24 track analogue and unlimited track digital mixing desks). Recording costs £20 per hour and includes full backline: 

Drums/amps/mics/ a wide range of keyboards and guitars. The cost includes an engineer and mixing. 

A rehearsal room with full drums/amps/mics/PA backline
£15 per hour.

A DJ Room with two Technics 1210 turntables, Numark CD decks and mixer with large, wall-mounted speakers and bass bin. £5 per hour at all times

Foyer Music is open by arrangement