Training Courses

Being in work brings about lasting change to people who have faced challenges in their lives, helping them move on from homelessness, poor health and well being, offending backgrounds and substance misuse.

Having a job provides a real sense or purpose, belonging and worth and opens up opportunity. Much of what we do at the Foyer is about enabling those who have faced difficulties in their lives to progress into work.

Our employability programmes are often tailored to skills shortages in the local economy working closely with employers to help ensure positive outcomes for those moving towards and into work, helping to match a person’s aspirations and goals to industry needs; a ‘win win’, delivering real and lasting change.

Work experience is critical. Organisations and businesses large and small can provide placements; building confidence and equipping individuals with valuable transferable skills for the work place.

Working with partners we offer a ‘pipeline’ of informal as well as accredited learning and training opportunities, to suit people at different points of moving towards, into work and in work in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.

We are an accredited SQA centre.  We deliver on-the-job training and employability programmes based on national quality and service standards such as SVQs in Retail, Management, Customer Service, Business Administration and Hospitality, at a range of SVQ levels

Improve your company’s performance and competitive edge by upskilling and qualifying your employees. For details please see 'Accredited Qualifications for your Employees' below.

Towards and into work

We deliver against Stages 2, 3 & 4 of Skills Development Scotland’s Employability Fund contract.

Stage 2the Kick-Start Programme 

Kick-start is a self development programme aimed at young people aged 16+ who are deemed suitable to join at Stage 2 on the Employability pipeline.

The course is  tailored to the individual’s needs  through initial and ongoing assessments and is designed to create a positive and safe environment in which students can learn practical skills that will help them progress towards employment, further training or college. Although tentatively a 12 week course there is no actual time limit or set weekly attendance times. 

Students will also have the opportunity to work towards formal qualifications at SQA Level 3 in Communications, Problem Solving and Working with Others. There will also be opportunities to participate in work experience placements or take part in Community projects.

Stage 3the Kick-Start to ---- Programme

The course for people aged 18+ is tailored to an individual’s needs through initial and ongoing assessments and is designed to create a positive and safe environment in which students can learn practical skills that will help them progress towards employment or further training in a particular sector ie Kick-Start to Construction, Kick-Start to Retail, Kick-Start to Hospitality.

We work with students to establish their goals and source resources to help them achieve this. “Kick-start to”  aims to make learning fun, increase confidence and self esteem and provides direction and routine to gain access to the skills needed to set goals and understand the world of work within the clients chosen industry or sector.

This programme is for those aged 16+. On programme time will vary from 2 - 12 weeks, or more, depending on the needs of the individual.  Students will be focusing on employability skills and practical skills pertinent to working within their chosen sector.  There will also be the opportunity for some to participate in certificated vocational training such as Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS Card) and Manual Handling, Food Hygiene and First Aid.

Stage 4Sector Based Work Academy (SBWA) 

Stage 4 is open to those aged 16+ who are deemed ready and available to take up paid employment and a SBWA can last from 1 week to 6 weeks. A SBWA normally follows the pattern of

  • A period of training
  • A period of work experience placement
  • A guaranteed interview


Aberdeen City -  01224 212924 

Prince's Trust Team

The Foyer in partnership with North East Scotland College delivers the Prince’s Trust Team programme in Aberdeen City, Peterhead and Fraserburgh. The 12 week programme for 16-25 year olds offers exciting challenges which help build young people’s confidence and motivation, while providing new skills and qualifications. Find out more.

ARC (Aberdeen City)

ARC Employability delivered in partnership with Alcohol & Drugs Action on behalf of NHS Grampian is an Aberdeen City based employability support service for those in recovery from substance misuse, commissioned by NHS Grampian and Aberdeen City Council and part of the Aberdeen Recovery Community.

ARC works with individuals to create opportunities for learning, skills development, work experience and volunteering to increase employment prospects. 


Loraine Stephen -  07876860562 or email

Lifeshaper  (Aberdeen City only)

12 week programmes run in Aberdeen 3 times a year delivered by the Foyer in conjunction with North East Scotland College. Lifeshaper is designed to assist those who have experienced substance misuse problems establish a positive and healthy lifestyle by establishing structure and routine in their lives and developing new skills and interests.

Lifeshaper runs on the ethos of “work rest and play” and this is integrated throughout the timetable which includes confidence building, relapse prevention, local investigation projects, IT, relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation and auricular acupuncture.

Also included in the timetable are arts & crafts, health & wellbeing and regular outings to take part in physical activities such as wall climbing, horse riding, sponsored walks and quad biking.

Contact: Libby Milne  01224 252360

Learning Houses (Aberdeenshire only) 

The two Learning Houses offer access to a range of supported opportunities, ICT and guidance services free of charge. They also provide study or meeting space and information on further education and training.

The houses are open to all individuals wishing to develop their skills.  Support is offered to those who need to update their skills to enable them to job search in the digital age, set up email accounts and Universal Jobmatch accounts as well as other support around the Welfare Reform agenda.

Peterhead Learning House 

1-3 Kirk Street, Peterhead

Tel: 01779 474820

Fraserburgh Learning House

JIC Building, Albert Street
Fraserburgh AB43 9JL

Tel: 01346 514003


Foyer REACH follows a weekly structure based on community involvement, personal development, wellbeing and employability learning. We work in partnership with Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership and North East Scotland College.

Participants will gain a City & Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Employability Skills. The REHIS Food Hygiene Certificate, First Aid at Work Certificate and ASDAN Volunteering Award will also be available.

Workshops will take place focused on wellbeing and goal-setting for the future. We will work in partnership with other agencies to ensure specific recovery support is available to those who need it, as well as peer mentoring and service user involvement opportunities.


Week 1/2: Getting to Know You: A chance for participants to get to know each other and start working as a team, through team games and creativity sessions.  A First Aid at Work Certificate will be gained.

Week 3/4/5: Personal Development: Workshops in personal development skills, budgeting, planning, health and wellbeing and activities to broaden confidence, such as self-defence classes. REHIS Food Hygiene Certificate will be gained.

Week 6: Outdoor Adventures: A chance for the group to try out new activities using their new team-working skills and gaining self-confidence.  Activities will be suited to team members’ physical abilities.

Week 7/8: Community Projects: The group will plan and carry out projects to benefit the community, giving them a sense of purpose and learning essential planning and project management skills.

Week 9: Next Steps: A range of future options will be explored including volunteering, further education and employment. The group will be introduced to all the different agencies that can help them on their way.

Week 10/11: Community Challenge: This is the group’s chance to put into action all the new skills they have learned through the course and when they will plan activities to make a difference in their community. All planning and work will be done by team members, giving a fantastic sense of accomplishment at the end. ASDAN Volunteering Award will be gained.

Week 12: Moving On / Graduation: The group will plan a graduation ceremony taking stock of all they have achieved and inviting their friends and loved ones to share in their success.

Week 13/14: Employability Extra: Participants will be supported to attend a suitable 2 week work placement to gain experience or do other employability activities such as IT courses.


ABERDEEN CITY (Marywell Centre) - Dave McDonald 01224 212924 or email 

FRASERBURGH (JIC Building) - Fiona McRae 01346 514003 or email 

INVERURIE (the NESCOL Learning Centre) - Claire Farquharson 07467919784 or email

Short Courses (Aberdeen City) 

SQA Emergency First Aid in the Workplace

This one-day course is a recognised first aid workplace certificate which looks at basic life support and minor injuries. 

Employees will gain skills and confidence in using techniques of emergency first aid at work and the roles and responsibilities of first aiders.


Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

This 3-day course provides participants with 3 Health & Safety certificates to gain access to construction sites upon completion of training and passing exams. 

Once the course is completed we apply for a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) 5 year labourers card which proves that individuals working on construction sites have the required training and knowledge for the type of work they carry out.


WorldHost Principles of Customer Service

This one-day world class customer service training course provides delegates with invaluable skills and essential principles and techniques for service professionalism in Hospitality and Retail. 

The programme encourages customer loyalty, reduces costs to attract new customers and helps businesses gain a competitive edge by being recognised as a business which goes the extra mile to put customers first.


SQA Elementary Food Hygiene

This one-day course enables delegates to develop an understanding of the principles of elementary food hygiene. The course covers the main causes of food related illness, appropriate measures to prevent food poisoning, HACCP principles and current food safety legislation.

Participants gain dual certification in SQA and REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene accredited qualifications on completion of training and passing a multiple choice test.


Courses can be supported by ITA funding.

To get more information or to book a course call (01224) 212924 or email



How can you improve your company’s performance?

Education and training of your employees is an investment which leads to clear benefits for your company and helps increase performance and efficiency in an ever more competitive market.

How can we help?

Aberdeen Foyer is an accredited SQA centre which means we deliver on-the-job training and employability programmes based on national quality and service standards.  

Improve your company’s performance by upskilling and qualifying your employees. We provide support for gaining awards in the workplace such as:

Certificate of Work Readiness

This is an accredited SQA qualification designed specifically for people who are ready for their first experience of the world of work or have been disengaged for a period of time, but need some guided support. It includes a unique employer assessed work experience placement, providing a meaningful qualification. The certificate is supported and endorsed by employers and organisations. Candidates will complete a minimum of 190 hours work experience.

SVQs (Scottish Vocational Qualifications)

SVQs will give you a focused, on-the-job context for training your staff, tailored to your business needs and in line with National Occupational Standards.

Results of an extensive study* of SVQs in the food and drinks manufacturing sector have shown significant improvements in employees’ performance: 

Increase in productivity by 20%, quality 12% and staff retention by 27%

Accidents down 56%, complaints down  by 12%, decrease in absenteeism by 20% and wastage by 6% 

* SQA Report 2015

The Foyer delivers SVQs in Retail, Management, Customer Service, Business Administration and Hospitality, at a range of SVQ levels.


L&D9I (Assessor Qualification) - Assess Workplace Competence Using Direct and Indirect Methods

This unit is for those who assess in the workplace using a wide range of assessment methods such as: 

• observation

• examination of work products

• questioning

• discussing with candidates

• witness testimony

• examining candidate statements 

• assessing candidates in simulated environments 

• Recognising Prior Learning (RPL) - otherwise known as the Accreditation of Prior Achievement (APA) 


L&D11 (Internal Verifier Qualification) - Internally Monitor and Maintain the Quality of Workplace Assessment 

This unit is for those monitoring assessment processes and decisions within an organisation and helping to maintain and improve the quality of workplace assessment.

The internal quality assurance process being conducted by the internal verifier-candidate can be done for SVQs, work based qualifications or in-company standards.

 Emergency First Aid in the Workplace

This one-day course is a recognised first aid workplace certificate which is looking at basic life support and minor injuries. Employees will gain skills and confidence in using techniques of emergency first aid at work and the roles and responsibilities of first aiders. 


Michelle Edgar, Team Leader

Phone: 01224 212450

Mobile: 07792 102 564




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  • Referrals can be taken from Peterhead, Fraserburgh,Banff, Ellon, Inverurie, Stonehaven (and surrounding areas)
  • Referrals can be taken from anyone, Substance misuse services, GPs, CPNs and OTs, Jobcentre Plus, Aberdeenshire council or in person (self)
  • Age 16-65

The role of Outreach is to offer support within the community for people who are in or out of work, training or a positive destination. Outreach can offer 1:1 time with service users to find solutions to barriers they face which prevent them from moving on. i.e. previous substance use, little or no experience or skills,  lack of engagement with services, low motivation and aspirations, poor lifestyle choices, lack of routine, lack of confidence, poor relationships, financial and other worries, unsure what’s available to help, difficulties with mental health and emotional wellbeing. We often work with those far removed from the labour market and accept this can itself be a barrier. We are not time limited to working with an individual.

If you have any clients you feel may benefit from our service please forward their details on to 

If you would like to have a chat first, please give us a call. 

Rachel Isherwood (North Aberdeenshire) - Team Leader-Outreach Service


Outreach Worker - Mhairi Fyffe (Peterhead, Ellon ,CrudenBay, Mintlaw surrounding areas)  07467919821                                                                           

Outreach Worker - Leanne Roberston (Fraserburgh, Crimond, Banff and surrounding areas) 07880031879

Outreach Worker (Inverurie, Ellon, Stonehaven, Westhill and surrounding areas)
07848 450833


The Foyer is now offering free, confidential money and budgeting advice as part of a new Outreach service.   Our main aim is to is help clients to gain control of their financial affairs. This will involve income maximisation, working with clients to budget better to try and prevent the client from getting into debt and to help to deal with any existing debt issues. 

The advice will be tailored to suit the needs of the individual and will address any risks they might face. We will be requesting that clients provide us with written permission to act on their behalf and agree to provide accurate information on their income and outgoings. 

If you have any clients you feel may benefit from our service please forward their details on to 

If you would like to have a chat first, please give us a call.  

Outreach Worker – Financial Inclusion, Nicola Watson (Peterhead, Ellon and surrounding areas)  07717723024                                                                                     

Outreach Worker – Financial Inclusion, Fiona Storrie (Fraserburgh, Banff and surrounding areas)  07980650946